Work and services

Contract assembly, group assembly

The company Cavani Lino, in addition to machine assembly services, offers contract assembly and group assembly services. The sectors for which it assembles for third parties are many including publishing, textile and mechanical. Assembly assemblies are carried out on the specific needs and directives of the customer. No obligation quotations for contract assembly such as machine assembly and group assembly.

Processing and services

Assembly at customer site

Upon customer specification either at their own site or at the customer's site

Processing and services

Prototype assembly

Assembly of prototypes and pre-assembled mechanical assemblies to customer specifications. All work is carried out in constant contact with departments and the customer.

Processing and services

From construction to finished product, contract assembly.

Adjusting mechanical parts, assembling pre-production batches, up to customer job order management

Processing and services

Electrical Installations

Assembly of electrical systems for industrial lines

Processing and services

Chief clerk service

The company is able to handle orders independently by offering itself as a prime contractor.

Processing and services

Inspection and testing

Inspection and testing with high-precision instruments during assembly also of refrigeration systems

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